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We only have licensed electricians

An essential part of modern living jobitel.com is uninterrupted electrical service. Your electricity is important because it provides the power that fuels your comfort systems, lighting, electronic devices, hot water heater and anything else that offers convenience. When you experience a malfunction with some of your electrical components this could negatively affect that comfort and convenience. That is why Dash Electric offers comprehensive Southern California electrical repairs. If you experience any kind of electrical fault, call us today for an electrical repair service

An essential part of modern living https://xjobs.org/ estimate. Our skilled technicians have the experience, training and tools to get your equipment repaired fast.


Ceiling Fan not working?

Ceiling fans are one of the most effective ways to increase comfort while remaining energy efficient. Your ceiling fan uses far less energy than your HVAC system, but still keeps you feeling cool, disperses a uniform temperature throughout your home and promotes good ventilation. Most modern ceiling fans also have multiple functions that provide lighting as well. If you experience ceiling fan problems, don’t run out and simply replace it. The ceiling fan repair experts at Dash Electric can have your ceiling fan running as good as new in no time. Whether your ceiling fan has flickering lights, strange noises, fan blades rotating too fast or the fan doesn’t turn on at all, we can help. We’ve been fixing ceiling fans for decades and we’ve seen every malfunction there is. If your ceiling fan looks like it’s about to fly off your ceiling and out the window, call on us.


Ceiling Fan not working?

Electrical systems are complicated. They rely on an intricate web of wiring that connects at several places to various receptacles, switches, fixtures and other connections. If you experience irregularities in your power, it may be difficult to trace the problem sometimes. Given that electricity is a powerful and dangerous thing, it is advised not to try to find the problem yourself. Our staff of trained electricians, under the tutelage of a master electrician, is experienced in using specialized tools for troubleshooting and identifying faults. We can find the source of your power irregularities fast and make suggestions on the most efficient way to handle the problem..

  • Ceiling Fan Repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lighting Repairs
  • Outlet Repairs
  • GFCI Outlet Installation
  • USB-Plug Outlet Installation
  • RV Outlets
  • Emergency Electrical Repairs

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